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Teaching and Education

Education is an important aspect of the exhibition criteria and my working philosophy. Over the years it has developed into a wide variety of teaching opportunities ranging from clients with access learning difficulties to adults and students at all levels.
The projects involve a variety of teaching modules tailored to suit the needs of specific client requirements and skill levels and include a combination of lectures, discussions and practical workshops on drawing, metal sculpture and 3 dimensional design.

Access Learning Groups.

Access learning is a highly specialised area for those clients who are not in mainstream education.

The 'Sight described or Audio described tour' consists of me giving a gallery talk aided by Anne Hornsby, a sighted audio describer from the *Minds Eye organisation who guides the clients through the exhibition and gives them information and descriptions of the pieces. This information is then interpreted through touch, feel and whatever sight ability the client has (this varies from completely non sighted to those with partial sight).

This group also includes 'Gateway for Adults' clients who are challenged with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties.
The Access Learning Projects have an excellent support and mentoring programme for these visits, and after I finish my gallery talk, all of the clients wander amongst the work drawing, chatting and experiencing the pieces in their own way.

*Mind's Eye was established in 1982 to increase access to the arts for people who are blind or visually impaired, through audio description, handling and touch tours.

*Gateway clubs help people with a learning disability to take part in leisure, social and creative activities in the community and provide opportunities for personal development.

If you require any further information concerning education, workshops or teaching projects, please contact info@robertbrycemuir.com for more details.


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