"A major part of my work is autobiographical, a reaction or comment on the environment or state of mind that I find myself in at any given time, reflecting the diversity of the world and the different ways we interact with it through the journey of our lives".

Born in 1962 in North Yorkshire, Robert Bryce Muir graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1987 with an M.A in Printed Textile Design, where he developed techniques for drawing through silkscreens to create large scale prints. 

Since then he has worked on numerous sculpture projects in the UK and internationally, notably 'Mea Culpa' and 'Unto the Self', two major exhibitions which have toured municipal galleries throughout the UK.

He has also produced many private commissions, amongst which has been the prestigious ‘Angel of the Americas’ for fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s flagship store in Los Angeles.

"Drawing is at the core of my practise and is fundamental to how I make things, it forms the basis for understanding everything.

Whether through anatomy and the human form or working with geological formations in the landscape, drawing is the most intimate way of describing the nature of what I see and is used in different ways at every stage of the working process.

I like to use steel, copper, lead and concrete as I'm fascinated by engineering and how materials can be constructed and transformed by industrial processes such as welding, riveting and casting.

Some works can take years to make, the figurative pieces are good examples of this as it can take anything from 3 months to sculpt certain life studies, to10 years in the case of 'Mea Culpa' (1987-1997). The tangents and directions change depending on the circumstances (by working in the landscape for example), and there are always diverse projects in progress, each being influenced in some way by the other.This approach allows some of these projects to develop as a progression of ideas or threads of thought which show the journey rather than the production of a finished object."    
Robert Bryce Muir

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Photograph: Sue Foll